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Locaflat Bartholdi Hotel Paris

3 rue Auguste Bartholdi


Guest rating: 10.00

(based on 74 reviews)

From 157 EUR

Jays Paris

6 Rue Copernic


Guest rating: 9.99

(based on 741 reviews)

From 479 EUR

Hotel Georgette

36 Rue Grenier Saint Lazare


Guest rating: 9.86

(based on 55 reviews)

From 161 EUR

One by The Five

3 Rue Flatters


Guest rating: 9.81

(based on 105 reviews)

From 80 EUR

La Maison Favart

5 Rue Marivaux


Guest rating: 9.77

(based on 336 reviews)

From 60 EUR

Mercure Paris Gobelins Place d'Italie

8 Bis Avenue De La Soeur Rosalie


Guest rating: 9.72

(based on 12 reviews)

From 85 EUR

Residence Nell

60 Rue Richer


Guest rating: 9.62

(based on 136 reviews)

From 166 EUR

Guest rating: 9.60

(based on 47 reviews)

From 88 EUR

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere

Avenue George V And Champ Elysees


Guest rating: 9.49

(based on 502 reviews)

From 615 EUR

Hotel de l'Arcade

9 rue de l'Arcade


Guest rating: 9.45

(based on 21 reviews)

From 202 EUR

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